A Different Approach to Corporate Team Building

Most of us have heard the old “there is no ‘I’ in teamwork” cliché. Although tired and overused there is truth in this one-liner and it is exactly for this reason that corporate team building events have seen a surge in popularity over the past number of years. Working together to complete fun activities as a team is a great way of translating that same cohesion into the work environment.

While corporate team building in the past used to be associated with awkward ice breakers and forced bonding, Vegas Nights can provide everything that is needed to host a team building event that will ensure that water cooler chit-chat is not the only thing that brings your workforce

Vegas Nights can transform your office or corporate team building event venue into a hotspot that radiates the glamour and excitement of city itself. If your team has always wanted to experience one night in Vegas then we can make their dreams come true by setting up and manning a fun gaming event. Vegas Nights provides the poker and craps tables, roulette wheels, blackjack stations and expertly trained and experienced staff needed to transport everyone in your office to the desert

Staff members can be divided into small groups who can compete with one another in group games that will determine who walks away with the most funny money! The team spirit that will stem from these activities will radiate and into your office making sure that what happened at Vegas Nights did not stay at Vegas Nights.

If you’d like to host a corporate team building event with Vegas Nights then click here to discuss your needs and budget.

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