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50th Birthday Party Idea Read more »

50th Birthday Party Idea

Are you looking for a fabulous unforgettable 50th birthday party idea that will go down in the books as one of the most enjoyable birthdays yet? Do you want a birthday party that is original and exciting? Vegas Nights is the perfect solution. They will…

Fabulous Themed Party Ideas Read more »

Fabulous Themed Party Ideas

Coming up with and planning themed parties is always great fun! Themed party ideas are endless and there are just so many companies, shops, stores, caterers and decorators willing to come to the party, so to speak, and make dream themed party ideas happen for…

21st Birthday Party Ideas Read more »

21st Birthday Party Ideas

21st Birthday Party Ideas Your 21st birthday is something you look forward to all you pre-pubescent and pubescent life, and something you remember and look back on for all your adult life.  Here in South Africa, your 21st Birthday is about your passage into adulthood,…

Milestone Birthday Party Entertainment Read more »

Milestone Birthday Party Entertainment

Milestone Birthday Party Entertainment You have got to love milestone birthdays! They are the ones we look forward to the most. The ones we make a big deal about! Think about it, as a teenager, you can’t wait until you turn 21, not because you…

Vegas Nights Charity Events and Functions Read more »

Vegas Nights Charity Events and Functions

When it comes to charity events, organisers are always looking new ways to make the act of giving a more interactive and entertaining experience. While the simple act of giving is certainly enough on it’s own, it’s also great fun when organisers dress it up…

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