Sic Bo
Sic Bo

Sic Bo (Pronounced See Bo)  is a popular table game that originated in Ancient China and means dice pair, big or small or high and low. Despite its name, however, Sic Bo is actually played with three dice where you can place bets based on the outcome of the rolled dice.

It is similar to roulette except that dice replace the spinning wheel. As such, Sic Bo is very easy to understand and to play and highly entertaining.

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Vegas Nights Sic Bo Betting

A standard Vegas Nights Sic Bo table has many different betting areas. The bottom row on the table contains six betting areas which are known as ‘Single Number Bets’. You can place a bet on any or all of these six areas.

If your chosen number comes up in a single dice, you’ll get paid out 1 to 1 on your bet. If your number appears on two die, you’ll get paid out 2 to 1, and 3 to 1 if your number appears on all three die. For instance, say you bet  50 on number ‘6’ and all three dice show a 6, you’ll win 150.

The next Vegas Nights Sic Bo betting row contains what is known as ‘Two Number Combination Bets’ such as ‘1 and 2, 3 and 5, 4 and 6 etc. Say two of the die show 1 and 2, you’ll get paid out 6 to 1 on your bet. With this bet, however, you’ll only be paid out on one of your two number combination bets, regardless of whether you have bet and made more than one winning combination.

Then there is a row that contains 14 ‘Number Total Bets’ which as their name suggests, pays out when you correctly predict the sum of the numbers displayed on all three die. Each number pays out different odds.

For instance, if you bet on 17 and the dice come up 6, 5 and 6, you’ll be paid out 60 to 1. If you bet on 9 and the die come up 1, 2 and 6, you’ll only be paid out 6 to 1 on your bet.

Next up are ‘Small Bets’ which are numbers 4 to 10 and pay out 1 to 1 on your bet. You lose if any triplet appears (three of a kind). Similarly ‘Big Bets’ are numbers from 11 to 17 and also pay out 1 to 1. You also lose here if a triplet appears.

With ‘Double Bets’, you can bet on pairs of doubles with a payout of 10 to 1 on your bet. When it comes to ‘Triplet Bets’, you can bet on the likelihood of any particular triplet coming up and you’ll be paid out 180 to 1 on your bet if you guess correctly.

Finally, you can bet on ‘Any Triplet’ where you’ll be paid out 30 to 1 if any triple combination appears.

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