Our Team
Our Team

Our events would not be nearly as successful without the addition of our professional Vegas Nights staff. Yes, we bring out the very best authentic gaming equipment, but it is our team of professional and skilled gaming staff that complete the evening and make your event a success.

Our croupiers are hand selected by ourselves, ensuring that we hire only the best. Every one of our Vegas Nights staff members is a professional croupier with years of experience  working in the gaming industry both locally and abroad. With individual work experience in the gaming industry ranging from 12 – 20 years, our croupiers are adept at every one of the games we offer.

This means our staff are able to offer their knowledge and expertise to your guests, helping them to understand each of the games on offer and enticing them into trying out games that are new to them, which ultimately ensures that each of your guests makes the most of their fabulous evening of gaming!

We train all of our staff to understand that entertaining your guests is key, ensuring that your guests have a fabulous evening. Courteous, bubbly and friendly, our Vegas Nights staff will ensure that your guests feel included and well looked after! They may even let some lucky person deal the cards or spin the roulette ball!

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The Evening was SOOOOO much fun! Saleem and his team were awesome – very friendly, professional and fun, and our team thoroughly enjoyed it.
John Lax - Maximilian Group