Vegas Nights Fun Gaming Events – Thrill at First Glance!

I know nothing about Poker. In fact I know nothing about any form of Vegas style gaming whatsoever, having vehemently avoided gaming venues my whole life. It’s not that I don’t like the idea of gaming you must understand, it’s that I’m deathly afraid I might love it! To the detriment of my wallet or bank account!

You see, I am one of those “I just need to win the next game and I’ll stop” people. That strange mix of competitive cavalier that gaming venues just love! And I’m only talking about when I play things like solitaire and hearts! Now picture that at Poker, or Roulette! Anyway, the larger point I’m trying to get at is that I am a complete and utter newbie when it comes to fun gaming events. I know nothing and I mean NOTHING!

So having been invited to one of Vegas Nights fun gaming events, I now have to face my fear of knowing nothing, and my fear of potentially loving the game too much! eeek! Let me brush up on some rules and pad the funding account quickly! But as it turns out, neither of these tasks are necessary!

Firstly, I have discovered, Vegas Nights fun gaming events do not use any real money! The bank account is safe! Vegas Nights only use what they endearingly term “Funny money” at their fun gaming events, which is issued to you at the beginning of the evening and has absolutely no monetary value at all! This means that you can game away all night, win it all, lose it all, do what ever you want and you won’t lose a single cent of actual money!

It also turns out that Vegas Night’s staff and croupiers are specially trained to gentle useless know-nothings like me right through the whole bang shoot. Throughout the night they teach you the rules during the fun gaming event as you attempt any games! Which is wonderful because it means that I don’t have to learn all those scary, long, strange gaming terms before hand. I was worrying about how I was ever going to figure out what a card game had to do with flushing a river anyway?

Naturally I am thrilled to bits now that those to fears have been alleviated! I can’t wait for my Vegas night fun gaming experience now! Poker here I come!

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