Why Use Vegas Nights Fun Gaming Events?

You might be wondering why you should choose Vegas Nights as your mode of entertainment for the night. After all it is just another in a list of many novel ideas on how to keep your guests occupied and entertained for the night right?

But after chatting to Vegas Nights owner Gary, there is something more to be said for the service that Vegas Nights offers in terms of their fun gaming events than simply providing a good time: And this is the loss of disparity it creates amongst your guests.

Vegas Nights fun gaming events, for just one evening, evens the playing fields, so to speak, for your guests, making it possible for them to comfortably interact. At a Vegas Nights fun gaming event there are no cliques, no huddling groups of the usual people all sticking to “their own kind”. At a Vegas Night event, everyone interacts with everyone, and I mean everyone!

Basically, at a Vegas Nights fun gaming event you will find the MD sitting at a table being beaten by the janitor, or a member of the IT department throwing craps with the whole of the Sales team cheering on! Your emo friends will end up playing Sic Bo with the jocks and the barbies in your social group. Who knows, you might even find your grumpy aunt Maude actually gracing the same poker table as her estranged brother after 20 years… perhaps not, but you get the point.

In no other arena is the potential for interaction and networking stronger than at a gaming event, in which every man is his neighbours equal. And the bonds formed around the Blackjack, Poker, or Roulette tables are often lasting! You may just discover that the sales girls on the 5th floor regularly have coffee with front desk receptionists they would otherwise previously have barely greeted after winning together at the craps table during a Vegas Nights event.

This is what a Vegas Night fun gaming event does, it creates an experience in which all our social stereotypes fall away, and it’s just man against man, woman against woman, team against house. The distinctions drop away, leaving the gap wide open for interaction and successful networking.

Can you think of anything you would like more from your business or private event or your end of year work function than to see all your guests interacting, without regard for the limitations or status they would normally adopt in real life? The beauty of a Vegas Nights fun gaming event is in its networking potential!

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